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Exam Exam Name
Exam62-193 Exam NameTechnology Literacy for Educators
Exam77-420 Exam NameExcel 2013
Exam77-427 Exam NameExcel 2013 Expert Part One
Exam77-428 Exam NameExcel 2013 Expert Part Two
Exam77-725 Exam NameWord 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration and Communication
Exam77-726 Exam NameWord 2016 Expert: Creating Documents for Effective Communication
Exam77-727 Exam NameExcel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
Exam77-728 Exam NameExcel 2016 Expert: Interpreting Data for Insights
Exam77-882 Exam NameExcel 2010
Exam77-886 Exam NameSharePoint 2010
Exam77-888 Exam NameExcel 2010 Expert
Exam98-349 Exam NameWindows Operating System Fundamentals
Exam98-361 Exam NameSoftware Development Fundamentals
Exam98-364 Exam NameDatabase Fundamentals
Exam98-365 Exam NameWindows Server Administration Fundamentals
Exam98-366 Exam NameNetworking Fundamentals
Exam98-367 Exam NameSecurity Fundamentals
Exam98-368 Exam NameMobility and Devices Fundamentals
Exam98-375 Exam NameHTML5 App Development Fundamentals
Exam98-381 Exam NameIntroduction to Programming Using Python
Exam98-382 Exam NameIntroduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Exam98-383 Exam NameIntroduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
Exam98-388 Exam NameIntroduction to Programming Using Java
ExamAI-100 Exam NameDesigning and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
ExamAI-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure AI Fundamentals
ExamAZ-104 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Administrator
ExamAZ-120 Exam NamePlanning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads
ExamAZ-140 Exam NameConfiguring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure
ExamAZ-204 Exam NameDeveloping Solutions for Microsoft Azure
ExamAZ-220 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure IoT Developer
ExamAZ-303 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Architect Technologies
ExamAZ-304 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Architect Design
ExamAZ-400 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure DevOps Solutions
ExamAZ-500 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Security Technologies
ExamAZ-600 Exam NameConfiguring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub (beta)
ExamAZ-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals
ExamDA-100 Exam NameAnalyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
ExamDP-100 Exam NameDesigning and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
ExamDP-200 Exam NameImplementing an Azure Data Solution
ExamDP-201 Exam NameDesigning an Azure Data Solution
ExamDP-300 Exam NameAdministering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure
ExamDP-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Data Fundamentals
ExamMB-210 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
ExamMB-220 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
ExamMB-230 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
ExamMB-240 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service
ExamMB-300 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations
ExamMB-310 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Finance
ExamMB-320 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing
ExamMB-330 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
ExamMB-500 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer
ExamMB-600 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Solution Architect
ExamMB-700 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect
ExamMB-800 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant
ExamMB-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
ExamMB-901 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
ExamMB2-712 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration
ExamMB2-716 Exam NameMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration
ExamMD-100 Exam NameWindows 10
ExamMD-101 Exam NameManaging Modern Desktops
ExamMO-100 Exam NameMicrosoft Word (Word and Word 2019)
ExamMO-101 Exam NameMicrosoft Word Expert (Word and Word 2019)
ExamMO-200 Exam NameMicrosoft Excel (Excel and Excel 2019)
ExamMO-201 Exam NameMicrosoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019)
ExamMO-300 Exam NameMicrosoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint and PowerPoint 2019)
ExamMO-400 Exam NameMicrosoft Outlook (Outlook and Outlook 2019)
ExamMO-500 Exam NameMicrosoft Access Expert Exam
ExamMS-100 Exam NameMicrosoft 365 Identity and Services
ExamMS-101 Exam NameMicrosoft 365 Mobility and Security
ExamMS-203 Exam NameMicrosoft 365 Messaging
ExamMS-500 Exam NameMicrosoft 365 Security Administration
ExamMS-600 Exam NameBuilding Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services
ExamMS-700 Exam NameManaging Microsoft Teams
ExamMS-900 Exam NameMicrosoft 365 Fundamentals
ExamPL-100 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Platform App Maker (beta)
ExamPL-200 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Platform Functional Consultant (beta)
ExamPL-400 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Platform Developer (beta)
ExamPL-600 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Platform Solution Architect (beta)
ExamPL-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Power Platform Fundamentals
ExamSC-200 Exam NameMicrosoft Security Operations Analyst
ExamSC-300 Exam NameMicrosoft Identity and Access Administrator
ExamSC-400 Exam NameMicrosoft Information Protection Administrator
ExamSC-900 Exam NameMicrosoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Microsoft Certification Practice Test Questions, Microsoft Certification Exam Dumps

Study & pass your next exam with confidence when you prepare with ETE files from PrepAway. Microsoft certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are all you need to pass fast. Microsoft certification practice test questions and answers and exam dumps are the only reliable and turst worthy solution.

Microsoft has a comprehensive certification program that is globally recognized by large corporations in the industry. With each certificate, the specialists enhance their abilities on a certain topic and can validate and demonstrate their technical skills. Therefore, successfully certified specialists have the opportunity to get hired faster, receive higher salaries, and enjoy their team’s and manager’s recognition.

Microsoft Certification Program

Each Microsoft designation helps the candidates stay updated with the latest technological trends and meet the corporation’s requirements. They prepare developers, administrators, data, or DevOps engineers of tomorrow. Also, candidates who want to apply for jobs like a Solution Architect, Data Scientist, Security Engineer, or Functional Consultant will benefit from the Microsoft certification program. All in all, this vendor offers certificates based on the product, role, type, and level. As for the products, you may get Microsoft certified in Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, etc. while validations based on a role accentuate a specific job you’d like to take after getting the designation. Thus, you can opt for the roles of an AI Engineer, Admin, Data Scientist, and more. When it comes to the certification types, you may encounter such categories as Fundamentals, MCE, MOS, MTA, role-based, and specialty designations. Finally, the three levels of Microsoft certifications are as follows:

  • Beginner Certifications– they are recommended for those candidates who are just starting a career in information technology. They are also suitable for those who want to make a shift in their career. For example, candidates can earn certifications for Azure AI Fundamentals, Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, or the MTA: Security Fundamentals.
  • Intermediate Certifications – this is a mid-level type of certifications that is suitable for those candidates who want to learn valuable skills dedicated to different technologies. For example, the candidates who want to get this type of qualification can apply for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, or Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate endorsements.
  • Advanced Certificates – these are specialty or expert validations that can be obtained by those professionals who want to have advanced knowledge of a certain product or technology. From this category, the candidates can choose the Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Word Expert (Word and Word 2019), Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty, and many other certificates.

Popular Microsoft Designations

Gaining a Microsoft certification can change a specialist’s career path radically. Some of the most popular evaluations that candidates usually choose are the following:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

    The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification can be obtained after passing one exam which is coded AZ-900. During this test, the candidates have to demonstrate that they can describe cloud concepts and Azure core services. They should also show their proficiency in describing security, trust, privacy, and compliance, together with Azure cost management, Lifecycles, and SLAs. The candidates who want to register for such a certification exam need to pay a fee of $99. Also, they should know that this is a proctored test, which means that they should follow the steps described on the platform and finalize the registration process by paying the aforementioned fee.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

    The specialists who want to get Microsoft certified in Azure AI Fundamentals should have a basic understanding of how artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts can relate to Microsoft Azure services. This certification is an excellent opportunity for candidates to demonstrate that they know how to manage AI and ML workloads and implement them successfully on Azure. The exam necessary to obtain this certification has the code AI-900 and will also cost you $99. The skills measured during this test focus on describing AI considerations and workloads, together with basic principles of ML on Azure. Other topics included in this certification exam are related to describing the facets of Natural Language Processing workloads on Azure, as well as computer vision & conversational AI workloads based on Azure. Particularly, this certification is dedicated to both non-technical applicants and candidates with technical backgrounds. Even though prior knowledge of software engineering and science is not mandatory, the vendor recommends that the candidates should have basic knowledge and experience in programming.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

    The Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate focuses on those individuals who want to learn more about designing, testing, maintaining, and building cloud services & apps by using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Getting this certificate means that the candidates should pass one exam which has the code AZ-204 and costs $165. The topics tested during this validation will focus on demonstrating that the exam-takers know how to upgrade various Azure compute solutions and storage functions. Also, they should showcase that they know how to execute Azure security features as well as control, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions for Azure. Finally, they should know how to consume and connect to different third-party and Azure services. The candidates who want to become certified should demonstrate that they have prior experience of 1 to 2 years in working with Microsoft Azure products and services. Thanks to this experience, the candidates will have the necessary programming skills by using an Azure-supported language and show proficiency in working with Azure SDKs. Also, they should be familiar with data connections, data storage alternatives, app authorization, authentication, APIs, containers, compute, performance tuning, monitoring, and debugging.

Official Classes to Pass Microsoft Certification Exams

When examinees decide to take a Microsoft certification test, they should start by reading the certification blueprint and checking the related path. There, they will find the necessary information for the available training classes to get the designation they want. For the certificates, mentioned above, there are the following training courses to opt for:

  • Official Course AZ-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    This 2-day class focuses on helping the candidates get the fundamental knowledge on the most important Azure concepts and services. They will also understand how to manage core management tools and solutions together with network security, governance, and privacy. Topics related to service level agreements and Azure cost management will be also explained during these two days. When it comes to the target audience, this class is suitable for beginners in IT who have started out working with Azure features and services. The audience is also formed from those newbies who want to get more practical experience on Azure products and want to learn more about the vendor’s offerings. During this course, the attendees will use the Azure portal for service creation. Still, it doesn’t require any scripting abilities. Finally, this training is a successful combination between demonstration, hands-on labs, and lectures to help anyone who wants to clear AZ-900 exam without any difficulties.

  • Course AI-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

    This is an instructor-led training that lasts only one day. Even though it is very quick, the candidates will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, they will discover the most appropriate Microsoft services that they can use to develop different AI solutions. This class is designed to help students become more aware of the most common AI workloads and how they can identify the appropriate Azure services for supporting them. To add more, the training includes a combination between online materials and instructor-led training. When it comes to prerequisites, the vendor doesn’t impose any specific knowledge that should be gained before. However, it recommends that applicants should have prior experience using the Internet and computers, as well as showing interest in using different AI features. As this course targets AI Engineers, Solution Architects, Data Scientists, or Developers, the specialists should demonstrate a willingness to enhance their skills in managing Artificial Intelligence as a whole.

  • Training AZ-204T00-A: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

    This is an instructor-led training that is developed over five days. During this class, the candidates will learn the steps they need to follow to deliver end-to-end solutions using Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the candidates will be taught how to implement and create Azure Functions or Azure compute solutions. Besides, they will not only get to know how to use Managed Identities and KeyVault to secure solutions but will also become able to handle authorization and authentication. Moreover, the students who participate in this course will learn about connecting and consuming Azure and third-party services. For example, they will know how to implement message and event-based models in their solutions. Finally, this class covers Azure solutions troubleshooting, optimization, and monitoring.


Getting yourself Microsoft certified will leverage your career and become a valuable visit card that you can add to your resume. The certifications developed by such a vendor help you consolidate your skills in managing the latest technologies and will transform you into a prospective candidate for well-paid jobs in large corporations. Each certification path offered by Microsoft, however, includes not only passing the related exam but also attending official courses and understanding what’s expected from your side.

Latest Microsoft certification exam dumps, practice test questions and answers are uploaded by real users, however study guide and training courses are prepared by our trainers. So when you use these reosurces you get the full access to Microsoft certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers, study guide and training courses.

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