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PrepAway Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions Part 7 200-125 Exam

You want to configure a first hope redundancy session between a Cisco router and a Juniper router. Which of the following should you use?

  • A. VRRP
  • B. HSRP
  • C. CDP
  • D. LLDP
Answer:  A 


In order to understand this better, we will need to take an example for reference. Below is a diagram that shows Router 1 and Router 2 both connected to internet and have ip addresses assigned to them. Both the routers are connected via switch and three other hosts are connected to the switch. On the three hosts, we also need to define the default gateway ip address to forward the packets to reach internet.

So let’s say we select as the default gateway on all the hosts. All is good till the time the link to the internet is up or the router A is alive but as soon as the router A or the link goes down, hosts will lose connectivity to the internet even when we have internet reachability through router B. In order to resolve this problem and introduce redundancy we create a virtual router (physically doesn’t exist) in the scenario and let’s say we give it an IP address When this is introduced in the setup, the default gateway need to be changed to on the hosts. One thing to focus here is that we will make router A as Active and router B as Standby. In case the Router A goes down or the link on router A goes down, the hosts will still be able to connect to the internet because the Host B becomes Active and virtual router will forward the traffic to the router B to get hosts connected to the internet. The hosts will never get to know whether the Router A has failed.

Now coming back to VRRP, it is a standards-based alternative to HSRP. In VRRP, the active router is referred as master router and all others are in backup state. The advertisements are sent every second by default.

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