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PrepAway Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions Part 3 200-125 Exam

You want to reserve bandwidth specifically across a WAN link for your VOIP traffic. What feature should be configured to allow this?

  • A. Priority Queuing
  • B. Weighted Fair Queuing
  • C. MPLS
  • D. RSVP
Answer:  D 


RSVP stands for Resource Reservation Protocol which is a signalling protocol designed for integrated service network. It helps in obtaining special Quality of Service for the hosts by reserving the bandwidth for the application. It is designed for sender, receiver and routers to communicate with each other. It requests resources for simplex flows i.e. unidirectional messages only. For ex.

We have two hosts A and B as shown in the figure below and communication via RSVP is established then packet will be sent from A to B only. RSVP operates on top of IPv4 and ipv6 occupying the place of transport protocol. RSVP identifies a communication session by combination of destination address, destination port number, transport layer protocol type etc.

Whenever the host A will have to send message to host B, host A will send a PATH message to the Host B. In return Host B will send a packet Resv back to the host A. The basis of sending PATH message is to install reverse routing state on each router along the path of transmission. Resv message carries reservation request to the router along the distribution tree.

There are two types of reservation supported:

  • - Distinct Reservation
  • Here receiver requests to reserve a portion of bandwidth for each router.

  • - Shared Reservation
  • Here common resources are reserved for all sources.

Few commands that can be run on the router to look for rsvp configuration on router:

  • Show ip rsvp interface
  • Show ip rsvp configuration

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