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PrepAway Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions Part 1 200-125 Exam

Which IPv6 feature is used to provide a stateless assignment of IPv6 addresses?

  • A. DNSv6
  • B. DHCPv6
  • C. DHCP-PD
  • D. Autoconfiguration
Answer:  D 


One of the most intuitive features of IPv6 protocol is stateless auto configuration. Devices on IPv6 network can connect to Internet through Stateless Auto Configuration without the need of any intermediate IP support such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. As you know, DHCP assigns IP addresses from a pool of IP addresses dynamically for a specified amount of time to the node requesting for access in a Local Area network (LAN).

Considered as an easy way for network administrators to put devices on Internet, Stateless Auto configuration has automated IP address configuration of individual network devices. In IPv4, you had to configure a DHCP server to assign network addresses to devices automatically on the network. With IPv6, you don’t need to wait for DHCP to assign IP addresses. Ipv6 automatically assigns IP addresses en masse to network devices along with the provisioning for renumbering and reallocation of the devices. Each hour, thousands of network devices are connecting to Internet. Stateless auto configuration has reduced the time needed to configure DHCP server. The automation has simplified the process of IP address allocation by streamlining assignment of network addresses and ditching DHCP server configurations. Stateless auto configuration is one step forward to a fully automated network address assignment.

RFC 2462 details auto configuration and renumbering features of IPv6. According to the document, the word “stateless” means that the method doesn’t require hosts to be aware of the present state of the device so that it can be assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.

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