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10 Hardest IT Jobs to Fill

When you work in the IT sphere, you will get benefits that you cannot find from another place. The followings are some of the reasons why it is good to work in the IT jobs. IT professional is able to work in any industry or sector.

The world requires the IT professionals   

There are skills gap in the entire world in the technology industry. You should take the example of the government and business that are seeking to get digital transformation with the need of getting to the cybersecurity as people become more reliant on the technology with the data sharing. The shortage of IT skills is mostly at the IT level with the higher position but not at the graduate level. However, it is important for some people to enter the profession and to be trained.

It is possible to work in the industry even if you do not have the IT degree

There are more employers who are hiring the graduates from different background since they recognize how they are beneficial towards the business and they have been trained in the way that they can think in opposite manner of the IT people. This is common for the people who are from other business areas like consultancy, IBM, TPP and other nontechnical graduates.

You work anywhere you want

Salaries in digital industry are at least 44 percent higher compared to national average. The professional can work on the Media Company, in the government, in Video Games Company and in the investment bank. You may work with a small start-up or a multinational company. IT professional is capable to work in any industry and in any sector. Beyond such sectors, actual role of the IT is diverse.

IT salary is high

The graduate job pays well in comparison to others. Digital salary was found out to be 44 percent compared to the national average. When you work for the employer who has a graduate scheme, then you are going to do better compare to others. It is not uncommon to hear someone with over 30k. Things will look better with the progression also. A median salary for the software developer is found around 45k while the investment banking technology role is around 70k.

The job has many perks and it is easy to balance the job

Tech organizations offer many benefits and perks to their workers and it is easy to balance the life and work while working in this industry. The studies about 20 jobs that offer a better life and work balance, they include some IT ones while the software developer is among the first position.

Top 10 Hardest Jobs

The IT job market is mostly based on the market of the seller and in tough time, it continues to thrive. Some of the IT jobs are hard to fill and some of the companies can find a hard time to get someone to work in such industry:

1. IT Trainer

IT trainer plays a role in IT world and he requires having a certain skill set. By itself, the position can be hard to fill. However, becoming a trainer will differ in different ways starting from a Typical IT job together with the need of traveling. This is why not everyone is capable to work in the industry.

2. Project Manager

The problem when it comes to hiring of the project manager, it is the self-imposed and the requirements of the PMP certification. Some companies focus more on the PMP certification while the certification itself is expensive and it is not easy to get. It is not easy to get the certification at the beginning while the certification itself is not clear-cut. If you want to get the certification, you will need to be managing some projects already, but it will also be hard for you to get the job in the first place. This is why this talent pool is too small and other qualified candidates may be kept out.

3. Director, CTO and CIO of IT

The IT leadership role is not easy to fill out. A candidate should be able to show the skills that are not easily gotten from the IT training. Some companies may choose to hire the leaders who have nonexistent and weak technical knowledge or they may hire a technical person and wish that such person can learn the business skills needed to become a success. It is hard finding a person who has both skills and the position can be left to the unqualified person.

4. Help desk Staff

The problem when it comes to this job, the person who has all the qualifications you need, he will not be willing to be given the salary you are offering. Most people are capable to work in this position regardless of the challenges and the technical skills needed. The help desk staff will have to answer the calls, to know the right time to close the tickets and to deal with some angry people over the phone. However, the companies pay less for this role while trying to squeeze the salaries. However, when companies pay less, they also make it hard for qualified people to apply.

5. Specialized Programmer

The programmer has to be able to work on the mobile application, operating system with the device drivers. He should understand what they have in common and do the best job with this. However, there is also a problem with developers since some jobs are too specialized and only a handful of the developers can do this. Others such as the mobile application programmers have a high demand and some companies may stay with the unfilled positions for many months.

6. Pre-sale Engineer

The pre-sale engineers are IT-related job that requires different talents in addition to the technical ones. In order to make a hard position in filling, the job will require someone to travel too much. It is always important for the seller to use demonstration before making the sale. The job is more customers oriented and the person should present it in person, which is not easy for the IT people who are accustomed to doing everything on their own. The Pre-sale engineer should have a heart of the salesperson at the same time an IT pro mind. This is something tricky.

7. Technical Writer

This is not about the bloggers and what they do. It is more about writing the manuals of the product and the help files. There are reasons why such tasks will fall on the developer’s shoulder, even if the company wants to pay a technical writer. The writer should be able to write in coherent manner while using the language that a buyer will be able to understand. This is why hiring a technical writer may be hard to get and some good ones are even harder to get.

8. Product Evangelist

A product evangelist is a person who is the face of a company. This comes at the technical side of a business. They are the one that gives the presentation the technical conference in the entire world and they have forums where they answer the question, blog and they reach the people at the social media. They should have the technical knowledge and some of the IT jobs will involve traveling. A person to work in this way, he should have the passion towards his job and his company. He should also have all the soft skills with a technical knowledge needed in handling the job. This is why, you can find a person who is great as an evangelist at a certain company, but he can do a poor job when he is hired for another company.

9. IT Author

Writing the technical blog with articles is considered to be easy job and some people may do it like a part-time job. However, only a few people are able to put the roof on their heads using this work. Even if it is easy to find people who are willing to try out this job, it is hard to find a person who is willing to work on the job for a long period and to stick with the company and to be part of your team. Another person is that some people may have great ideas when they get hired but in few months, all these ideas have been used up and they do not know what else to do. Only few IT authors are able to produce high-quality product over many years.

10. Legacy and Maintenance Programmer

This is a job that few people are willing to take and it can be disguised as something else. This is a job that requires the maintenance of existing application and some that had been around for many years. Some few programmers will want to take up this job since it is the end of their career. This is because something which looks cutting edge now, it will be obsolete after some few years. Someone who works for this job, he will have to reinvent himself outside of the workforce.

The demand of the IT professionals are growing at a high speed as it had never been with any other work. Now many people are working in software, cybersecurity and big data development. Even with the challenges, the job still offers an opportunity for the people who have the right certification and experience. The following are some of the sought out positions to try out:

  • Web design:

A web designer should use coding skills with creativity in order to create the website. The technology artists understand how they can create the best user experience using the advanced coding.

  • Network engineer

Network design works in managing, designing and securing complex infrastructures. The advanced level practitioners have led teams, which are able to work on their own.

  • Software developer

The software developer should create the mobile and web system applications starting from the beginning. The demand of the software developers is everywhere all over the world. Some companies even hire people from other countries to fill these positions.

  • Network security administration

The security administrator uses his network knowledge in order to offer the security for the complex infrastructure. The associate level practitioner offers a security support role and he works with a security expert’s supervisor.

  • Data scientist

The data scientist is to clean data on advanced level. The database expert is to identify the trends and the pattern that helps in improving the system and they provide a critical feedback to the stakeholders of the business.

  • Software engineer

Software engineer will create advanced level application of computer system, mobile devices and web application. The IT professionals are the expert in the computer science and coding which makes it hard to get now.

  • Data security analyst

A data security analyst is a person who is tasked to do some critical roles of protecting the data of the company. The cybersecurity professional works through managing the security software, to instruct the users on the right practice and they ensure that the enterprise does not have any breach.

  • Big data engineer

Big data engineer secures and manages after creating big data solution. The practitioners work at high level and they do understand more about software engineering, database management and programming.


The IT field is the industry that expands on daily basis, but the way that it grows, it outpaces the IT practitioners’ growth. In case you are interested in becoming an IT person, then this is the right time to get information and certification since you will never regret it.

It is becoming hard to fill the junior level roles that need someone who has cutting-edge technical skills. The job requires the experience and knowledge in technology that may be some few years. Some also require someone who has solid understanding of the application development and it is hard for someone who has no experience to get. When the managers want people with more experience, they keep entry-level jobs closed to people who have not yet got the experience.

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